May 30 • 4M

here we are

special edition

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Happy Memorial Day, if you can say it that way.

Here’s a special edition I published for paid subscribers a while back. It’s kind of an essay poem. With music. I like it alot so I wanted to share it with everybody.

No more war.

here we are
in the 21st century
fighting with each other
like this was biblical times
like this was the medieval age
like we were children
arguing over a toy

the toy is this world
its land its riches
its people
its motorcycles and its mountains

that’s ridiculous of course
its motorcycles and its mountains
what do you mean ??
what do you mean what do i mean ??

train loads of motorcycles and mountains
stream by
at the railroad crossing

I sit waiting in my car

whoosh clackity clack
whoosh clackity clack
it cycles past
with it’s motor

the past is here now
with us in all those ancient
passions and appetites
that fueled our development
our arising from dirt poor
farmers to what we are today

city dwellers
that well is dry
but we dig deeper
until we find the water
down there somewhere

still the same simple
appetite to drink
still the self same need
to be human

the equinox passes over us
like the passover of old
passed over the ancient israelites
in their exile

we are exiled too
it seems to me
what could be
and what is and what’s
the difference??

the wind moves the leaves
in the most intricate dance
too subtle for the human eye
too sublime for the human heart
we know only hurricane and carelessness

otherwise it’s a light wind
out of the southeast
at 10-12 miles an hour

the music is from a recent Blume playlist
00:00:00 • AK - Gonespe


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