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Shakespeare or something . . .

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I’ll let someone else point out that systems based on greed will inevitably crash. It’s not my job to mention that living unsustainably on planet earth will result in turbulence. It’s up to the pundits to point out such things. They’re smart after all. They have experience in such matters.

I’ll just say that it’s gonna be a wild ride. Hold on and buckle up buckaroo. If you enjoy the thrills and spills of a good movie or a carnival ride then it will be fantastic. We can all pull together like we should have been doing all along.

If you get nauseous or are afraid of heights (or depths) it might be a good time to take cover in a cave or something. Something solid. With water. And food. And a refrigerator. And a stove.

I guess that would be like a house then. Someplace that can offer shelter in the storm. Of course tornadoes can rip the roofs off houses. That would suck. Literally. Hurricanes can destroy entire neighborhoods with the wind and storm surge. Stay away from the ocean.

What is real becomes obvious in hard times, that’s the good thing. The artifice is stripped bare. I long for that. I don’t want to lose my house or my life but I do want to get real. We live in such an inauthentic way. Our priorities are misaligned, like a blurry camera, unfocused.

I’ll admit that I’m part of the problem too. I often don’t stand up for what I know is right. It’s inconvenient. Unacceptable to society. But sometimes I do. I long for that too.

I remember being in high school when it was a thing. ‘Be real’ someone would say and everyone would know what they were talking about. We were still close enough to our innocent youth I suppose. We’re not any longer. We’re caught up in the tide of popular opinion. The popular opinion of our clique or of the TV news or of our favorite religion. I think that’s an opinion too, a big fancy belief system.

Let me just ask one question and then I’ll shut it down. What is God anyway? I mean do we really have any idea? Or just stories? Characterizations. Myths really. That’s why there are so many names and so many characterizations. We really have no clue (to answer my own question). But instead of admitting that, we continue on believing in something that was never intended to be believed in. I think a 2 year old knows more about God than most adults because they can feel the magic and don’t need a name for it.

I’ll say one more thing though. Prayer seems to work. Just simple sincere prayer. No address required. Don’t worry about it. Just send it out there. It’s all good.

Kind of a downer post, I know, but it’s all good. It really is. This is a giant theatre piece and we are the players. Didn’t someone else say that? Shakespeare or someone?

That guy was good.

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